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也 可 以自 己 删 除



The weakest link is not network security vulnerabilities, but the person's vulnerability. Only people's awareness of security upgrade to a very high level, devastating attack to be able to radically reduce my aim is to make youunderstand the importance of computer security is not to teach people to Crack the Password!

1997CN security team, we have common ideals and the pursuit of the faithful performance of the hackers in the traditional sense of the style and responsibilities.Our aim is that "found from the hacker's point of view the objective risks of customers throughout the network system, the methods of technology to compensate for the weak link of the skilled and unskilled; the way of services to ensure the stability of the network service providers; to fully promote the quality of the organization's network securityto ensure network security for the purpose of network real events in a timely manner to provide a means of disposing of and technical support.